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Is Atheism Dead?

Is belief in God reasonable today? Where does the scientific and archaeological evidence point? In this interview, I talk with Eric Metaxas about his latest book, IS ATHEISM DEAD? We discuss the origin of the universe, fine-tuning, the origin of life, the biblical story of Sodom, and more. READ: Is Atheism Dead? by Eric Metaxas (

Ten Amazing Scientific Archaeological Discoveries

The Elements of Biblical Interpretation: #1-Biblical Archaeology: The Window into the Past The Bible is The Book that came from a geographic place, that place is long ago and far away. The origin for each of the words is from beyond earth since God Himself breathed out each word. But the writing down of the text of each book, that makes up the Book of Books called the Bible, took place on three continents: Europe (some of Paul’s Epistles), Africa (some of Moses’ writings), and Asia (where most of the Bible was written and took place in the Middle East and Asia Minor).

A Cry From Iran | Full Movie

Iran, 1993. A judge issues an official death sentence to Mehdi Dibaj, a man imprisioned for 10 years because he converted from Islam to Christianity. A copy of the official order is leaked to Haik Hovsepian, the leader of the evangelical christian movement in Iran. Haik, at peril to his own life, releases the document and launches an international campaign to bring an end to the civil rights violations of the Iranian Islamic courts. International pressure mounts and the Iranian government is forced to release Dibaj at the eleventh hour. But for Haik, there is a price to pay. Very well done.

A Cry From Iran is an award-winning documentary. This true story, produced by Haik Hovsepian’s sons, contains hidden camera footage filmed in Iran during the actual events, and will be an inspiration to all who see it. (54 min)

Directors: Andre Hovsepian, Joseph Hovsepian
Starring: Mehdi Dibaj

Mysteries of the Dead Sea Scrolls | Full Movie | Joel Lampe | Craig Lampe | Frank Seekins

This documentary takes you a fascinating journey and give you a firm grasp of God’s sovereign hand behind the preservation of the Bible and the unfolding of history. This documentary is divided into three sections and is perfect for Sunday school, home school or private study. In Part One, Joel Lampe, a leading expert, shares behind-the-scene details on the 19,000 pieces that make up Dead Sea Scrolls collection. Discover the science, geography and history behind what many have called the greatest archaeological discovery of all time. In Part Two, Dr. Frank Seekins provides fascinating insights into the ancient Hebrew language. You will learn how much of the Bible is composed of simple, powerful and fascinating word pictures that beautifully illustrate the truths found in Scripture. In Part Three, Dr. Craig Lampe recounts the rampant superstition and ignorance that dominated the Dark Ages but then how a few brave men obeyed God and brought the Scriptures to the world.

Director: Brian Barkley
Starring Joel Lampe, Craig Lampe, Frank Seekins