Mutations Falsify Evolution — Again

When scientific evidence that calls into question or even refutes evolution is presented, Darwin’s disciples often tell creationists to get it published in a “legitimate” scientific journal and collect our Nobel Prizes. That is an ad hominem coupled with a genetic fallacy. If they bothered to read the material, they would see that biblical creationists are using secular materials much of the time.

Time is considered a hero for evolution and allows for all-important mutations to occur. Research again shows that mutations do not help the cause of the secular science industry.

Mutant bird, Pixabay / Ursula Di Chito

One jasper admitted that he believes evolution is a force. (Most of them seem to believe this, he came out and said it.) If evolution were a force, wouldn’t there be more uniformity in the way things evolved, with much more similarity? Asking for a friend.

Evolution occurred through luck, improbabilities, random processes, Darwin’s version of natural selection, time, and accumulated beneficial mutations — the pinnacle of it all being Clinton Richard Dawkins. Except that there are numerous flaws in deep-time beliefs, and not all mutations are random. Recent research shows defiance in evolutionary dogma where those random mutations cascade into more additional harm than they thought. No, evolution is refuted again. The truth is that God created everything recently, and it has been running downhill because of man’s sin.

Alex Nguyen Ba, an assistant professor of biology at UTM, has been trained well in Darwinism. It is his mystical idol, capable of omnipotent power. “Evolution is a force that drives all of life on this planet,” he intones. But this force, if it is a force, or maybe a farce, has a dark side and a light side. Or maybe it just has a dark side. Keep reading.

Reporter Sharon Aschaiek at UT will describe results of Alex’s work, but first, she sings the Stuff Happens chant:

. . .

This cheerful introduction betrays the worry to follow. Alas, Professor Ba’s work tends to upset the applecart. The combinations of 10 mutations that he uses for divination do not bring the expected vision. Is the Stuff Happens Law failing as a law of science?

Read the entire article at “Mutations Conspire to Defeat Evolution.”

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