Evolutionism, Atheism, and Detecting Deceivers

Although this post specifies 2022, the information will be useful any time.

This is a mighty fine time to be a biblical creationist, since not only are we standing on the Word of God, but there is a flood of evidence in our favor.

Unfortunately, people “think” with their emotions and are easily deceived by sidewinders pushing their narratives. They are willing to deceive since that is who they are and what they do. We need to avoid being parts of the herd.

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People need to have healthy skepticism, utilize critical thinking skills, and spot basic logical fallacies. Discerning deception gets tricky when a story is handed to you all gussied up with nice wrapping paper and a pretty bow on top. It happens all the time with movies, catchy tunes, persuasive words, favorite celebrities, impressive special effects, and so on. All that packaging makes falsehoods and succumbing to groupthink seem oh so appealing.

Atheists, evolutionists, and political leftists (among others) frequently elevate their narratives above the truth. They often reject logic. And civility. And tolerance. It is easier to dehumanize Christians, creationists, and anyone that stands in the way of an agenda (such as this tinhorn) than to have a rational discussion; admitting that an enemy has a likeable quality or (shudder) made a valid point is streng verboten.

We have to be careful about calling someone a liar because there are qualifiers of sorts. Atheists desperately defend their origins myth of evolutionism, so when the hated creationist or Intelligent Design proponent presents evidence that doesn’t fit their worldview, they are often called liars. Evidence misotheists and evolutionists dislike, contrary opinions, even jokes are declared lies. Because atheism. Some folks seem to be at the emotional level of six-year-olds, reflexively making that accusation.

Now pay attention, pilgrim: Accusations of liar without evidence of lying or intent to deceive make a liar out of the accuser! (Ian Juby explains this quite well in this video, starting at 14 minutes 43 seconds.) There’s a bit more involved that we need to consider.

Numerous times, atheopaths say that there is no evidence for God, creation, the Genesis Flood, the existence of Jesus, and so on — but they refuse to consider it, even going as far as saying that we do not even present it in the first place! (Mayhaps they’re afraid that if they do check things out, they’ll realize that articles, videos, and so on have already refuted their objections.) That is a badge of a deceiver, old son. It is also intellectually dishonest, because the spirit of science (or even knowledge) thrives on getting correct information, not protecting a message.

Ask Clinton Richard Dawkins or other angry atheists why they refuse to debate creation scientists like Dr. Georgia Purdom, Dr. Jonathan Sarfati, Dr. Jason Lisle, Dr. Jeffrey Tomkins, and many others. Instead of shutting us down forever with scientific truth and refuting the logic of our arguments, evolutionists give some song and dance about refusing to give creationists credibility, then light a shuck out of there.

Another sign of deceivers (actually, I think they were awarded medals for these) is to pretend to make up their own facts. For example, I eviscerated some lies about three “E” words that evolutionists dislike, the claim that the term living fossil was “made up by YECs, “quote mining” accusations about George Wald and D.M.S. Watson, and so on. I’m no intellectual giant, but I’m pointing out that such false claims were easily refuted. Conversely, Darwin’s acolytes can do the research as well, but they choose not to.

Atheists and evolutionists refuse to examine the evidence, and deceivers call us liars. It should be obvious that truth is a hindrance to their objectives. I have concluded that they are afraid, because they are suppressing the truth in unrighteousness (Romans 1:17-23).

Let’s be very careful about leveling charges of liar against people. We don’t want to be like our own detractors, but it is fair to point out that something is inaccurate or untrue. This saves a person’s dignity who may be making an honest mistake. When they show that they’d rather uphold an agenda than learn or promote truth, and when it’s clear that they’re intending to deceive — you just might want to let them have it.

All this, but we have to be watchful so we’re not sheeple taken in by the herd mentality, you hear?

In my 22 years as editor of Creation-Evolution Headlines, I’ve seen a lot of controversial topics in science come through the news lines. By following the outcome of a controversy over years, one gains some savvy about identifying honest seekers from deceivers. We don’t call some a “liar” who doesn’t have enough facts to know a subject; we reserve it for those who do know the facts but say the opposite with ulterior motives. I hope these three tips help tune your Baloney Detector for a wild ride of news coming in 2022.

To honestly finish reading, ride on over to “How to Tell Who’s Lying.”

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