Darwinists Trying to be Time Lords

We have seen many instances of hubris from Darwinists, but their cult of death is making some so unhinged, they are attempting to tamper with the fabric of the space-time continuum. They seldom accept the hand they are dealt, so they try to change the rules.

LAURENCE: Well, in view of what you’ve told me, I’m going to fetch the police.
THE DOCTOR: No! This is much too grave a matter for the police, Mister Scarman.
LAURENCE: Too grave?
THE DOCTOR: Yes. They’d only hamper my investigation.
LAURENCE: Your investigations?
THE DOCTOR: Yes. Why do you think I’m here? Something’s interfering with time, Mister Scarman. Time is my business.
Doctor Who, “Pyramids of Mars“, 1975, by “Stephen Harris” (Robert Holmes And Lewis Greifer)

Image before modification: Freeimages / Jean Scheijen

A subject discussed in astronomy, relativity, and physics is the time dilation effect where time passes differently for objects in motion. Evolutionists are distorting time for their own convenience, where living things evolved for a while, did nothing for long periods, then commenced to evolving again. There is a God, he did the creating, and evolutionists cannot make up their own versions of time. Sometimes they act like two-bit Time Lords that can control it.

How fast is evolution? Answer: as fast as the storyteller needs it to be. There is no preferred reference frame in Darwinism. Depending on the storytelling speed of the observer, it can go lickety-split or slow to a crawl, appearing motionless. Evolutionary time dilation is sometimes termed “rate heterogeneity.”

. . .

Darwinism has length contraction, too, and mass equivalence. Its yardsticks stretch like Silly Putty, and when criticisms come in too fast, its empirical mass converts into imagination. Only one thing in evolution is immutable: the mythical image of the Great Darwin Tree branching out over millions of Darwin Years.

Relativistic concepts are admittedly difficult for laypeople, but perhaps a few examples will help.

To learn more, take the time to read “Time Dilation in Evolutionary Rates“.

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