Evolution Will Not Fly

First five reasons why

The Jurassic Shrimp wants you to know they didn’t leave us 50 million years ago. Not even Richard Dawkins can tell you this is not the same kind of shrimp commonly found in fossil rocks.

Should I say he could not say it honestly? Good, that is better.

You think the rocks above were still kind of wet and freshly laid when they were twisted like taffy?
That would be the logical and obvious conclusion.

Ripple marks on sandstone at Cliff Springs, Arizona. All rock layers show signs of water formation at some point when carefully examined. Uniformitarianism has been debunked.

There is ample evidence to believe that a God created our universe, earth, plants, animals, and people just as described in the book of Genesis. Please read on and give each point careful thought as to which religious view sounds more reasonable — special creation or evolution.

1. PARACONFORMITY: Evolutionary geologists contend that rocks were laid down in a uniform, predictable manner over billions of years. These scientists label and date these rock layers with familiar names such as Jurassic and Pre-Cambrian. The term Paraconformity describes those rock formations that are missing certain layers which are predicted by evolutionary geology. None of the typical gullying and weathering is visible in these examples, unlike what we see when the ground has been exposed for long periods. At several places in the Baltic region, clays of the so-called Pleistocene age rest directly on clays that contain Cambrian age fossils, creating an evolutionary gap of 400 million years. Yet in some places the break between layers can hardly be located, so similar are the two clays. Creationists say that the evidence from these anomalies indicates that the traditional, evolutionary dating methods for rocks are faulty. What do you say?

Radar – Notice the smooth layers of rocks in the Grand Canyon. The expected aging is not there, the layers are smooth and all show signs of water formation. Check out this picture of the Grand Canyon walls, below:

Radar – Dr. Sean Pitman has a great treatise on the subjects both above and below (see pic below).

2. GEOLOGY REVERSED: Around the world, we see rock layers out of normal evolutionary sequence. Naturalist geologists believe the earth’s rocks were laid down in a uniform manner over billions of years. In Glacier National Park, however, a block of Precambrian “old” rock sits on top of Cretaceous “newer” rock. Why is this important? Evolutionists have a hard time explaining this embarrassing example of 1 billion year-old rock sitting on top of 100 million year old rock. Perhaps the rocks have moved since they were laid down? Unfortunately, when geologists look for signs of movement such as scrape marks or tallis piles they find none. Additionally, the tensile strength of rock makes it highly unlikely that the older block of rock moved across the newer without shattering to dust. Looking at the evidence, creationists say that both rocks were created at the same time. What do you say?

Radar – Picture above of Hanging Lake area, Glenwood Canyon — An unconformity occurs between the lower Ordovician Manitou Formation and the upper Devonian Chaffee Group. [The Manitou Fm extends left horizontally from the lone tree on the sloping skyline ridge in the middle of the picture. The formation is about twice as thick as the tree is high. The Chaffee Group is about the same thickness and is the next higher layer with many tree growing along the top of it on the skyline.] The “25 million year-long Silurian period” is missing between them, although no evidence is found here for major erosion in the lower layer. Missing layers, cross-bedding, switched layers, all of these are common throughout the world. The standard geological column presented to students is a fraud.

3. RADIOMETRIC DATING: This process attempts to place an accurate date on the age of rocks by measuring the decay of radioactive minerals trapped within. Scientists first examine the relative ratios of various minerals in the host rock. Three basic assumptions are made when dating a piece of rock;

A. the rock contained no ” radioactive “daughter-product” atoms in the beginning, only parent atoms.

B. since the moment of its creation no parent or daughter atoms were either added to or taken from the sample rock.

C. the rate of decay has always remained constant (uniform decay).

These assumptions cannot be proven with any degree of accuracy. To make a scientific claim, one must be able to reproduce results. What do you think? In your experience, can an algebraic equation with three unknown variables yield a predictable, verifiable result?

Radar – So I mentioned that the RATE conferences have found ways to actually date rocks. Too bad the results come back at about 6,000 years or so.

4. OIL AND COAL ARE YOUNG: When the carbon-14 test was first created, scientists used the process to date all sorts of things. Two examples included oil and coal. Tests of these two substances by the carbon-14 dating method reveal them to be only several thousand years old instead of millions of years old, as predicted by evolutionary theory. Once this method was shown to predict recent dates for oil and coal, scientists stopped dating these products using this method. Do you think it is intellectually sound to reject a process that fails to yield the results you so badly wanted? Is this good science?

Radar – Oil has to have been trapped underground less than 100,000 years. Check out the picture below (There is no “impermeable” cap rock. Oil and gas are escaping from their lairs and their pressure is decreasing.

5. PERMANENCE OF KINDS: Also called stasis, this field of observation has determined that most animals have remained relatively unchanged throughout the fossil record. Despite millions of (supposed) years and billions of chances to evolve into higher life forms, no evidence exists for this theory. Many fossils from “older” rocks, when compared to their modern counterparts, are often identical in form. Worms still look like worms, not some hybrid creatures. Not one change of one life form into another has ever been recorded, yet evolution is regarded in most circles as fact.

Radar – Living fossils, we find more of them each decade. So many animals have remained basically or perhaps entirely unchanged. Not good for evolution.

The Purple Frog lives underground so escaped discovery until recently. Pretty much the same thing found in fossils.

The Mantis Shrimp, once thought extinct, was supposed to develop 400 million years ago? They have perhaps the most advanced eyes in the biosphere.

Then there is the good old Colecanth, rediscovered in the 1930’s. We now know they live off the coast of Africa and also SE Asia.

A Frill Shark, one living fossil that looks like a remarkably impressive monster and now we know it is most definitely NOT extinct. In fact actual Tyrannosaurus tissue from a Western United States dig kills evolution dead. Organic tissue could not conceivably last millions of years!

The above soft tissue from the famous T-Rex found by Mary Sweitzer.

The 2005 discovery of “fresh” tissue in the femur of a fossilized T. rex in Montana was quite a surprise (except to informed creationists), reported for example March 25, 2005, by Reuter News Service, “Scientists recover T. rex soft tissue: 70-million-year-old fossil yields preserved blood vessels”. National Geographic News reported also in an article March 24, 2005, in which lead researcher Mary Schweitzer was quoted as saying, “Finding these tissues in dinosaurs changes the way we think about fossilization, because our theories of how fossils are preserved don’t allow for this [soft-tissue preservation].”

Full disclosure…I am not a staffer for the Rocky Mountain Creation Fellowship but I am a member in good standing.

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