Is Reality Explained Better by an Atheist or a Christian Worldview?

A few weeks ago Braxton released a video in which he presented “10 Questions for Atheists.” Dozens responded with comments on the video, and a number of YouTubers eagerly presented their own responses in video form. In this video, Braxton interacts with the answers they gave.

TWO DOZEN Arguments for God

30 years ago, Alvin Plantinga gave a lecture called “Two Dozen (or so) Theistic Arguments,” which served as the inspiration for a book later written by a wide variety of accomplished scholars (pictured in the thumnail). In this livestream, I introduce this incredible work and announce a special giveaway.

If Aliens Existed, Would that Invalidate Christianity?

Astronomers estimate that there are billions of Earth-like planets in our galaxy alone. If we were to find out that intelligent life beyond Earth existed, what would that mean for Christian belief? Would it conflict with the Bible? In this stream, I’m joined by Christian philosophers Tyler McNabb and Chad McIntosh to discuss their joint work on this question. Dr. McNabb’s website:​ Dr. McIntosh’s publications:…