Medical Analysis of The Shroud of Turin: The Mantle of Jesus

Medical Analysis of the Shroud of Turin: The Mantle of Jesus If you took the name Jesus out of the Shroud of Turin case file and it was confirmed by 21st Century Forensic Science that the bloodstains and image on the Shroud was a 3rd Century Crucifixion victim it would be accepted as being authentic and there would not be a single person in this world trying to convince you it is fake. No one would be attacking it or spending millions of dollars to convince you it is not real, but yet they are spending millions of dollars to tell us the Shroud is fake?! Why? Because it is real and it has the name Jesus associated to it that is why. People selling the Shroud fake theory are not unlike drug dealers or a bartender that says to you “You look like you could use a drink” “Here take a hit off this 1988 carbon dating crack pipe and you will feel some falsely perceived comfort that Jesus is not real for awhile” “Take a sigh of relief, the Shroud is fake” “Jesus is not real” “You are not going to be condemned for your sins” Jesus was killed because of money. He threatened people’s wealth and positions of power. Mainly the Sanhedrin, the governing authority at the time who thought they were elite, better than, more important than and more attractive than others, they did not acknowledge the good works of Jesus, instead they called him an imposter, a fake, when in fact they themselves were fake. They were not unlike modern day democrats seeking power in this time, who live by a satanic motto: “Accuse others of the crimes you are committing” “At the end of the day it is all about you and what you want regardless of who gets hurt or killed in the process” Jesus got in the way of the Sanhedrin Council in the 1st Century and his image on the Shroud is getting in the way of people in power in the 21 St Century, He is back again! So what do you do? Call him fake again, right? Pay false witnesses to testify against him. We see this everywhere with the Shroud. The history book on the shelf is always repeating itself. The Shroud/Mantle of Jesus is just as threatening to people today as Jesus himself was to the Sanhedrin in the 1st Century. That is why when you look for information on the Shroud on internet you will be directed into the Wiki Pedia description telling us the Shroud is a “fake”. This site has been edited and changed over 100 times; it is not un like a witness who changes their story every time they are questioned. Search your heart, mind, body and soul right now…..if the Shroud was fake why it is that all the scientifically peer reviewed science says it is not? Here is the simple answer, because it is not fake. People that believe the Shroud is authentic are medical doctors, forensic pathologists, biophysicists, chemistry experts, forensic botanists, optical engineers, mechanical engineers, photographers, physics experts, radiologists and textile experts not card carrying Christians. The conclusions they reached were the result of years of thorough, fact based and objective research:

1. Dr. Alan Adler, Professor of chemistry 2. Dr. John Heller, Biophysicist 3. Dr. Robert Bucklin, Professor of Forensic Pathology 4. Dr. Frederick Zugibe, Chief medical examiner of Rockland County New York 5. Dr. Gilbert Lavoie, Medical Doctor 6. Dr. Sebastiano Rodante, Medical Doctor 7. Dr. Max Frei, Forensic Botanist 8. Dr. Pierre Barbet, Chief Surgeon in Paris France, a battlefield surgeon. 9. Dr. Baima Bollone, Professor of forensic pathology 10. Dr. Herman Moedder, Radiologist From Germany 11. James Malcolm Cameron, British Forensic Scientist 12 Dr. Sam Pellicori, Optical Engineer , 13. Dr. Flury-Lemberg , Swiss textile expert

A belief that the Shroud is a fake is not a belief based in forensic science, but rather a belief based in contempt and ignorance. The Shroud of Turin/Mantle of Jesus is the most powerful witness in the world that tells the most powerful truth, may that truth set you free forever! Amen! One of the most if not the most dedicated, loyal and diligent researchers of the Shroud of Turin to ever walk the face of this Earth is coming out with a book about the Shroud that he has been working on for over 30 years! His name is Joe Marino. Other than Barrie Schwortz I do not know anyone who is more “wrapped up in the Shroud” than our good friend Joe. I am providing this link for info….

A Closer Look at The Shroud of Turin

There is evidence that the Shroud, venerated in France as early as 1350, is the Shroud we see today preserved in Turin, Italy. This DVD takes the historical high ground as it presents the places, the written evidence, the changes of ownership, the various expositions and the first 1898 photograph that changed everything — and brought the Holy Shroud into the realm of modern science and to worldwide attention for the very first time. This DVD is the most authentic and definitive DVD yet produced on the Holy Shroud. It reports on the first examinations of the fabric and the imprint left on it by the body of a dead man who had been tortured and crucified. It describes the discovery of red blood cells and pollen traces, carbon-14 dating, and computerized image processing. The DVD features a one-hour documentary film, The Man of Pain, which was the Official Documentary of the 1998 Holy Shroud Exposition Committee and was granted the right to use the Vatican’s Jubilee 2000 logo. It is the only documentary yet made to present High Definition (HDTV) footage of the private exposition which took place on June 25, 1997 — and the only documentary to be filmed since the fire that badly damaged Guarini’s Chapel. This film was made with the assistance of experts from the Archdiocese of Turin, and includes footage shot in Jerusalem, the church of St. Catherine of Sinai, Edessa, Istanbul, Lirey, St. Hyppolyte, and Chambery. Scientific consultants to the project included Pierluigi Baima Bollone, Nello Balossino, Giuseppe Ghiberti, Silvano Scannerini, and Giuseppe Terzuolo. The Shroud DVD features 160 minutes of total content, in five language versions — Italian, English, French, German and Spanish. In addition to the film The Man of Pain, extra features include The 1998 Restoration History, The 2002 Restoration History, Iconographic Routes, Backstage at the Filming, Extra Interviews, An Interactive Map of Shroud History, and the short films, The Guarini Chapel and The Face of Christ.

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